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Comprehensive Gun Control Rebuttle

I've got some spare time, so lets just cover all the bases.

Conceal Carry: Some states have it, others don't. Some require training, others don't. Two states do just fine with no permit system at all. Most have different laws on what is "concealed" vs. what's "Open" and where and how and how many guns people can carry.

Bottom line: There isn't a difference. You're no more or less likely to be harmed, wronged, or killed by a person who is carrying lawfully no matter if they had sanctioned training, or not, or if there were discrepancy laws on how and who could be issued or not. Concealed carry is not a problem. If you have a problem with it, YOU have a problem, not us.

Also Vermont and Alaska do just fine with no permits. If you can legally own a gun, you can carry it however you want to. I have multiple permits to carry. I carry everywhere where I lawfully can. I see DOZENS of police officers in my-day-to-day. I've never been asked to verify my permit. Mostly because they don't know...or simply don't care, that I'm carrying a gun and going about my day. If you own a gun (lawfully or not) you can carry it. The permit does nothing but add additional charges for when something happens. Let's face it, if you do something illegal while carrying a gun, the anchorites, and society at large have enugh juice with the system to deal with you, permit or no. So essentially they're pointless and expensive.

Gun-Free Zones: Can you guarantee my safety? I can't. The Police can't, and they won't (just ask them). I carry a gun because I know pure safety doesn't really exist, and if I'm in danger I'll use whatever means available to me to stay safe. Part of that is my personal firearm(s).

If you restrict where I can carry you are taking the burden that I am willing to carry onto your own shoulders until I can re-arm myself and resume my personal responsibility. I hope you're fine with that, because if something happens to me, or anybody else, I'm going to do my best to hold you responsible

Guns in Bars: Just about every place restricts people from getting drunk while operating or carrying guns. Furthermore if you do anything stupid or dangerous with a gun, you're breaking the law, drunk or no. Restricting guns just because somebody MIGHT (or might not) have an adult beverage while in there is pure stupidity. Also you're creating a Gun-Free zone and making a guarantee to keep me safe while I'm in there. That's a promise you can't keep, so it's stupid and dangerous.

Gun Rationing: Care to explain to me how somebody with 2, 3, 15, 20 ect guns is MORE dangerous to you than a person with one? Crimes like Virginia Tech or the Fort Hood shooting were done with small numbers of guns (Cho from VT bought both of his guns under a one-gun-a-month law) as far as I can tell the shooters only used one of the guns they had. If you think One-gun-a-month or similar will somehow stop or hinder gun trafficking, remember that gun trafficking already breaks multiple federal laws, plus whatever additional state or local laws that may exist for any and all of the areas involved in the crime. If all these laws don't stop it, isn't it a little naive to think one more will do anything?

Gun Registration: Been tried all over the place. Has failed to accomplish anything in all of them. Also it has the additional fault that it can and has been used to confiscate property that is doing no harm.

"Assault Weapons" bans: First up this is a completely made-up term and is essentially meaningless to anybody who knows anything on how guns function. The only reason why this term is even used was because its proponents intentionally misled an uneducated public to believe these guns were able to do things they simply can't. It was founded on a lie, anybody who supports such lies either has no idea what they're talking about or is lying to you. It centers around cosmetic features like protruding pistol grips and bayonet lugs, among other things. There is no "Assault Weapons" ban in any place at any time that a lawful person cannot buy a firearm that is nearly identical to a banned one that is 100% legal.

In addition to all of this, these guns are regularly used by private security, as well as Police and other peace officer forces. Why? Because they're ideal items for personal defense. Personal defense is 100% legal. These guns are good for personal defense, therefor they should be 100% legal.

The NFA: Overall a dumb law that does nothing. It heavily restricts noise suppressors. All cars are required to have these, as well as most industrial machines and buildings. Gun clubs are under constant threat because of complaints of noise. It's safety equipment and should be used as such. Criminals can already take advantage of these devices as they can easily be built from common household equipment and with common household tools. They largely don't because just like muffled car, muffled guns still make noise. Also a suppressed gun is larger and harder to carry around than one without, lastly threatening and/or shooting people tends to get noticed no matter how quiet your gun is.

It heavily restricts guns over .50 Caliber. Care to explain to me what changes when I increase a bullet/bore diameter from 0.50 caliber to 0.51? I didn't think so. That's all this law does. Also it exempts shotguns as they have historically been larger than 0.50. Hunters put rifled barrels on shotguns all the time, and they by all intents and purposes have a larger than .50 Caliber rifle. This is not against the law, nor does it do anything more dangerous than any other gun. Pretty stupid, huh?

It restricts the length of a gun barrel on a rifle or shotgun. Of course if you build a pistol up from the same mechanical components you have have something very similar. also there are many handguns chambered in rifle or shotgun rounds, or rounds that are very similar, or more powerful. The law does nothing to these guns, and society at large has no problem with them anyway.

It restricts guns that don't look like guns. Ummm can you explain to me what about an AR-15, and FNH S2000, an M1911A1, a Glock 22, a Kel-Tec P3AT, and a Mauser C96 have in common that makes them "Look like a gun"? Guns are built to work, what they look like is irrelevant

It restricts weapons capable of full-auto fire. Honestly I can't see what the big game-changer is with this feature? Generally it means the gun needs to be less powerful or bigger and heavier, or mounted to a fixed position to be controllable, and will require the shooter to carry more ammo and reload more. I fail to see what tactical advantage they supply outside of some very specialized military applications. Because I don't see much of an advantage to them (and they're expensive to shoot) I personally don't want one. Because I don't see an advantage to them I also could care less if somebody else wanted to buy one.

As far as a criminal or terrorist attempting violence with them I'll just note the more you reload the more chances I have to return fire with my own weapon or escape to safety.

Universal background checks. I live in a state that has universal background checks. Criminals still buy and sell guns on the black market. If you live in a state that doesn't have universal background checks, criminals buy and sell guns on the black market. If they pass such a law nothing will change, except they will be violating one more law on top of the countless laws they're already violating.

The GCA: This law I have only small issues with. If somebody is so insane they need to be confined to a mental hospital. If somebody has shown a history of violence, I don't want them to have more tools to commit violence. Still why are ALL felons restricted? It's a felony to catch lobsters in my state without a license. Its a felony to own sex toys in others. It's a felony to fail to pay your taxes. If sentencing guidelines are changed it can be a felony for ANY crime, as well as now legal activities can be declared illegal and a felony. I don't see how this has any relevance to a person's right to keep and bear arms.

The saying goes "If somebody can't be trusted with a gun, they shouldn't be trusted to be in public" I agree with that statement, but sadly we don't have the man power to implement such an ideal, nor do I trust the court system to be able to determine that.

I think all people of restricted status should be able to petition the court to have their restricted status removed.

Gun/ammo serialization: Essentially already in place. These numbers are very useful for factories to have quality control on their product. Its also useful for people to keep track of their property. Its also quickly and easily defeated by hand tools. This includes "Micro-stamping" technology, which at the time of this writing has not been proven to work effectively, and can be easily removed in a short period of time.

"Safe Gun" rosters: Like any product, guns can be faulty. Just like any product if a fault is found in a gun the company that provided a faulty product is liable. Fines and lawsuits can easily ruin a company, so most companies provide high-quality and safe products. This includes guns. if a product is later found to have a defect, like most products a recall is made and done at the company's expense. Because of this all guns on the market are very safe if used properly (Most products are unsafe if used improperly, guns are no different), any place that proposes or implements a "Safe Gun" roster or testing is simply removing guns that ARE safe from the market in order to restrict how and who can buy guns.

Suicides: Yep in America about 50% of people who kill themselves use guns. I have yet to see any data that shows that by somehow removing guns from the equation will do anything to suicide rates. If people claim they want to ban guns because of suicide, ask they why are only 50% of the people who take their lives important?

Universal Gun Permitting, and blanket gun bans. Sorry, the 2nd Amendment protects our rights to keep and bear arms. If you want to push laws like this you're going to first have to repeal that Amendment. Good luck. Also gun bans and universal permitting have been passed in several states and countries. The results do not point to success.

That seems to cover most of them. I took the time to type this so you can spend your time doing more constructive things than argue an issue that is so conclusive.

Feel free to distribute the link to this post or copy and paste it at will. If you do copy and paste, or use any large part of this please be considerate of my time and attach my name to it.

Let's put this dog to Bed.

-Weer'd Beard
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